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Music And Dance in kashmir

Rouff Dance Any referral of cultural heritage of any of the Indian state would be incoherent without mentioning about the music and dance of the region. The culture of Jammu and Kashmir , too, is not an exception. Innovative dance forms and melodious numbers are composed which are the treasures of performing artforms of this region. Rouff is a conventional dance performed by the women of the Kashmir region.

Sad songs are sung where these female dancers incorporate aesthetic dance movements. Rouff is performed mainly during Ramzan and Idds. The Dumhal is an illustrious dance form of Kashmir The men of the Wattal region are expert in performing it. A special theatrical art form has been created intermingling both marriage song and dance. It is a part of marriage celebration, which is observed at the time period followed after the departure of men of the groom`s residence along with the couple. Fun , gossips and various incidents of nuptial nights are done creating an ambience of amusement and jubilance. Surma , a Dogri dance , expresses the frustration of newly married bride whose groom has gone in the war.

The culture of Jammu and Kashmir has a plenteous tradition of folk music. Rabab is popular folk music of Kashmir. Musical instruments include nagara, dukra and sitar. Hafiz Nagma is grounded on the classical music of Kashmir- the Sofiyiana Kalam. The danseuse is called `Hafiza`. The salient instrument employed in Hafiz Nagma is called Santoor. It is the famous musical instrument of one hundred strings beat with sticks. Songs of Habab Khatun too are composed depicting the sadness of the famous Kashmiri princess of the same name.

She was sad as she had been separated from her beloved husband Yousuf king. The uniqueness of Bakhan songs of the region is that it is hummed without the aid of any musical instrument . These songs are composed in the form of poems. The beat is unpredictable and is influenced by intonation in musical note. Hand movements of the musicians suggest various `note` fluctuations. In Dogra Pahari area of Jammu valley Geetru is performed at the time of festivals like rural weddings and other social festivals . It mingles both dance and singing formats. Both the sexes take part in this performing art format, which continues throughout day and night.