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WazwanCuisine is a salient element, which denotes the typical culture of Jammu and Kashmir . The traditional green tea with spices and almond known as Kawa, is consumed during poise winters of Kashmir. Rice constitutes the staple food of Kashmir. Thanks to the contribution of skilled cooks from Smarkhand, a mouthwatering banquet called Wazwan has been popularized in Kashmir. It includes thirty-six meal made from mutton and these are really very tasty. All the Kashmiris love non-vegetarian meals especially those prepared from meat and lamb. However, polao is a common dish for Kashmiri veggies.

These are namely meat balls and red gravy ( Rista), Minced lamb patties( Shami kabab), Lamb koftas ( Kashmiri Gustaba), spicy lamb steaks( Pasande kabob). Also spices, curd and condiments are common ingredients of Kashmiri cuisine. Mustard oil is used as cooking medium. The odour of costly kesar or saffron increases the craving of locales for classy foods. However, different religious communities of Kashmir maintained unique style of cooking meal. Muslims desist asafetida (hing) and curds and Kashmiri Pandits abstain from using onions and garlic in their meals. Phirni is a sweet delicacy of Jammu and Kashmir.